You’re a beautiful butterfly, mama!

The butterfly is such a great metaphor for so many aspects of life, isn’t it?  It represents, beauty, change, transformation, becoming something more than you were before… It’s no wonder people love them!

Well, at the Busy Mom Collective we identify with the butterfly on many levels, which makes it the perfect representative for our group.

  • Rebirth.  We start out as a single, carefree caterpillars, struttin’ our stuff and lovin’ life. Then we fold ourselves into a little chrysalis and transform into a seemingly different being.  But the caterpillar in us is still there!  It’s different.  It’s got new abilities and responsibilities, but we are still the same fuzzy creatures we were before.
  • Exploration.  When we were caterpillars we could only see things from one perspective.  Wherever we are at any given moment.  As butterflies, we have wings and can now see the world in a whole new way.  We get to experience childhood from above.  We get to open ourselves up to a new world of possibilities, learn from our mistakes, and grow out of them.
  • Kaleidoscope.  Butterflies know they’re stronger in groups.  They stick together, support each other, and protect each other.  (Kaleidoscope is the official name for a group of butterflies, FYI.  I had to google it.)
  • Beauty.  Motherhood, like a butterfly, is simply beautiful.