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About the Guest:

Alison grew up in a home where creativity flourished and spent many hours of her childhood drawing, painting, sculpting and creating. She spent weekends in the woods at her family cabin, running through ferns and using her imagination to the fullest.
Academics were always important in her home too, so she pursued her career and stumbled upon her wonderful full-time job at a local non-profit (where she still work today). Alison’s creative life was always there, on the side – She took art classes at night and on weekends – She made things for her home, herself, and for friends. That imagination from her childhood was (and still is) an important lifeline for her.




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Episode Summary:

  • Alison shares how she feels like she’s never doing enough. A lot of that comes downs to prioritizing her tasks. For example, when she is focusing on her business, she feels that there is not enough time somewhere else. So, how can she get everything done and feel that she has done enough?!
  • Alison also shares that she works 4 full-time days at her job and stays home once a week to work on her business. On the day that she is home, her children are not with her and stay at daycare. We talk about the guilt that some mothers may have with staying home while your children are in daycare. This is the time Alison spends on herself and on her business and it’s so important for her self-care!
  • Since Monday is the only day Alison has to work on herself and her business, we go over her daily routine and find out how to best prioritize the little time she does have.
  • How many of us struggle with our daily to-do lists? Alison shares how she manages her to do list but struggles with figuring out which tasks are more important than the other! I recommend choosing a day in the week and write down your tasks of the week instead of creating that list the day of.
  • When we love what we do, we never stop working! How many of you relate to this? But, the reality is that if we don’t stop working and forget about ourselves, we can get burned out and we don’t want that. Alison and I talk about creating a hard stop time for yourself. Having that time limit for yourself really helps you focus on what needs to get done!
    • “It’s ok to not set your hard stop by time and instead do it by tasks.” – Stacey Odgen

  • Alison and I talk about content creation and the time it takes to create new content. One of the best solutions to that is to repurpose your content! We talk about how to create one main content and send them out through a blog post, newsletter, podcast, video, and so much more!



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