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Meet the Guest: 

Selling With Soul is on a mission to enable more women to grow profitable businesses that change the world while supporting their family through education, inspiration, and support. Meredith Messenger, MS, is a growth strategist and consultant, mentor, speaker and host of the Selling with Soul podcast which provides sales strategies, systems and success stories for female entrepreneurs.

In addition to her small business consulting, Meredith runs a sales and growth practice where she works with female business owners who want to grow their business in a way that feels authentic and aligned with their core values.

She leverages her 12+ years in small business sales and marketing, extensive sales coaching experience and ongoing professional education to help her clients identify and find their ideal clients and sell more of their life-changing offerings with less stress and more joy.

Her experience includes sales and consulting work in Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and startups. She has won several sales awards, built multi-million dollar territories and has managed, coached and trained sales teams or various sizes.




Where to Find Meredith Online:

Episode Summary

  • Meredith and I talk about setting your revenue, sales, or growth goals where you design your plan backward! Meredith says to plan with the end in mind. One of the key things to think about when you are starting your side hustle and plan to transition out of working outside of the home is to ask ourselves, "How much money am I going to need?"
  • Let's talk about the elephant in the room... FEAR! Looking at these numbers can be overwhelming and Meredith shares how you can create a plan backward and have a healthy mindset of money.
    • "We have to learn to manage that mindset that this is a huge obstacle and break it down to small obtainable milestone chunks that we can absorb and give us a little bit of grace!" - Meredith Messenger

  • The 3 step process for low-stress revenue generation - it's like building a house:
    • Lay the foundation with the right mindset - sales is not a dirty word - we are in control, we are our only limiter
    • The structure of your business is the buyer's journey - 3 pillars: the "M" phase, the funnel phase, and the retain and grow phase
    • The roof of your house protects the structure that you have built and allows you to scale
  • Track your success! We talk about tracking your conversion rate and what is the number of leads that are turning into sales. Meredith says that if you're not tracking this information, you won't know where to improve things in your business.
    • "Track the success of those leads!" - Meredith Messagner

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