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Episode Summary

Running a business is rarely a straight path. There are twists and turns and bumps in the road, sometimes huge boulders in the way. And while we’re on this path, sometimes – often times, actually – we find that the lessons we learn while winding our way along lead us in a different direction than where we first thought we were heading.

So how do you know when to follow that new direction, and when to stay the course you were already on? Well, today we’re talking all about when to pivot in your business.  


  • Twists and turns and bumps and boulders are normal!
    • Sometimes we think that our journey is not typical. It is! It’s typical because there is no such thing as typical! We all need to figure out along the way what are the twists and turns that we are willing to follow, and when do we need to jump onto a new path! It’s going to be different for everyone but very few successful businesses started out doing the same thing that they ended up doing.
      • “You are going to have to climb mountains and scale tall buildings no matter what path you take.” – Stacey Ogden 

  • Business is hard.
    • Despite what it said in that Facebook ad you just saw, there is no key to overnight success in business. It’s hard work. It will make you question your decisions, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. It will make you question your abilities, but that doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for this. It will make you question your intelligence, your dedication, yourself in every way possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to change.
      • “Don’t confuse the hard for the need to pivot.” – Stacey Ogden 

  • Think about the long term. 
    • What would life be like if you continue on the path you’re on? What would it look like if you pivot to a new path?
      • “You’re creating a business for yourself. It should be a business you want.” – Stacey Odgen 

  • What do you feel called to do?
    • What’s your heart telling you? Is there a path you ignored that you still think about? Is there something that keeps you up at night wishing you could do, but it just doesn’t fit with your current business?
  • Make the call.
    • You can sit on a decision indefinitely. It’s not good for you, your business, and the people around you. You have to make a decision. As Earl Smooter so eloquently said in Sweet Home Alabama, “You can’t ride 2 horses with 1 ass.” You’ve got to decide.

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